Oil Change

When to Get Your Oil Changed?

Knowing when to change your oil is something that we all struggle with. Especially for new car users, it can be tricky. But, oil changes are important and can be life or death for your car. Keeping up a regular regimen of oil changes is essential to your car’s health. It ensures that your engine always has enough oil to run properly and smoothly, and that there is no old oil that could cause damage to your vehicle. Most repair shops recommend that you get your oil changed every 3,000-5,000 miles, but to be sure how often you need to change yours, just check your owner’s manual. That way you know for sure how often you need to come in to keep your car in the best working condition.

Why Choose Nissan of San Marcos?

When done professionally, especially at a Nissan dealership, an oil change should only take a few minutes of your time. And by getting it done at a dealership like Nissan of San Marcos, you guarantee that the person working on your vehicle has been certified by Nissan, as well as factory trained to know all the ins and outs of your vehicle. These kinds of technicians are crucial because they will know exactly how to go about changing your oil safely and efficiently, so that it doesn’t take any more of your time than it needs to. At Nissan, you don’t have to sacrifice your precious time just to see good results.

Why is it Important to Get a Regular Oil Change?

There are countless reasons why regular oil changes are essential to the health of your vehicle. One of the main reasons is that it extends the life of your car. It does this by making the engine capable of using the oil more efficiently. And, by doing this, it can increase the number of miles you get per gallon.

The efficient use of oil will transfer to you starting to see an increase in performance once you start a regular oil change regimen. This regimen will also help prevent dirt, dust, etc. from getting into your engine and potentially causing damage. When you change your oil (as well as your filters), this debris is removed from your engine and can no longer do damage to your motor.

Another reason is that some older cars burn old, dirty oil. This process releases harmful emissions and corrupts your engine. Regular oil changes keep your oil clean, and therefore reduce the amount of dirty and old oil for your engine to burn.

Even though not all cars have this particular problem, many other problems can come from not changing your oil. So, make sure you keep a good eye on your odometer so that you’re not pushing your vehicle past its breaking point. Because, leaving old oil in a car for too long will cause irreversible damage and decrease the lifespan of your vehicle dramatically. Call us today to set up your appointment so that we can get your car running as smoothly and as safely as you deserve.